Domenic Mosqueira.

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I was Born and raised in Mexico, with a family move to Puerto Escondido surfing became something that I couldn't do without… Even while living in Canada the urge for surfing did not dissipate! I would make the long drives to New York and New Hampshire for Hurricane swells with anyone who would come along. I grew up loving Jacques Cousteau and would watch all his shows, from that point I wanted to be an oceanographer or marine biologist but when my father put a camera in my hand at a young age I knew that my two worlds would collide. I studied photography in Canada and after 3 years took up a Job shooting sailing in the Caribbean (Yacht Shots BVI) and from there ended up shooting celebrity weddings and events for Richard Branson on Necker Island. That was an amazing experience but didn't quite fulfill my passion, so I decided to sail around Tahiti and her islands shooting when an opportunity arose. One good look at Teahupoo I knew I had finally found a way to combine my love for surfing, the ocean and my photography.  Never having shot surfing before, even living in Puerto for years, I decided in 2009 I was going to learn hard way, jump off the boat and swim Teahupoo. I really started going full steam ahead trying to make surf photography my living, in 2011 it pumped all year long... I put my head down and worked as hard as I could, making contacts, submitting a lot of imagery world wide, swimming up to 10+hrs a session to get those different and difficult angles. I am now so happy to count a Cover for Surfing Mag 50th aniv issue as a great personal achievement along with many images published in Surfing, Stab, Surfer, Aus Surfing Life, Surfing World etc and clients such as Hurley, Volcom, O'Niell, Patagonia but most of all I am just happy & lucky to do what I love...