Welcome to PhotoLyfe, in which Stab’s favourite photographers answer questions about themselves with their own images. It’s that old picture-tells-a-thousand-words chestnut but with more colour and pop. It’s a way to cut out all the bullshit. It’s like jacking into the main vein of those who supply us with exquisite surf imagery every day. Give thanks by studying each image with a more careful eye than ever!

If you asked Mr Domenic Mosqueira what the best non-surf photo he’s ever shot is, he’ll tell you it was one taken in a womens prison. If you ask him what the best surf photo he’s ever shot is, he’ll certainly choose something from Chopes, because that’s Dom’s favourite place to shoot. It shows in his work too; some of his visions from the end of the road are the most dreamy in existence. While Dom’s speciality is water photography, his work from the more serious ends of life is shatteringly brilliant. And, the thing that drives Mr Mosqueira more than anything? The drive to capture an image that makes the viewer want to keep looking. Let him steer you down his highway for a moment. The view is excellent…

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